New Bitcoin prediction from Deutsche Bank

New Bitcoin prediction from Deutsche Bank; begins trading today Deutsche Bank has announced that their Bitcoin prediction trade would begin this week and would offer a futures contract for the first time. The bank made its prediction on Tuesday and said that the actual transaction was taking place on Wednesday. The Bitcoin futures contract, which is based on bitcoin’s price on Gemini, was first traded in Chicago on Monday. The Deutsche Bank analyst said: “The short-term view is that we are seeing a recovery. The downside risks have dissipated somewhat.” For the longer term, John Normand, head of commodities strategy at J.P. Morgan in New York, said the uncertainty had increased and is unlikely to dissipate soon. “The biggest problem in the market is uncertainty. If it’s not one thing, it’s another,” he said. “The speed of trade has slowed dramatically in December. Volatility has virtually disappeared.” The Deutsche Bank trading team thinks that as the price of bitcoin stabilises and investors return, we are likely to see further upward pressure on the price, and some volatility could return. “This market is still trying to work out whether it’s going to be one of these markets that continues to go to the moon, or whether it’s going to collapse,” Normand said. However, Normand also noted that while the case for a cryptocurrency bubble is getting weaker, there are still many factors that could trigger a

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